Social Gaming And Why They Are Very Popular

social-gaming-3If you spend more than your fair share of Facebook time, then you are certainly familiar with social games. These are what you can commonly find in many social media sites particularly in Facebook. Also known as social network games and is typically a multiplayer game thus you can interact and play with other individuals who are registered on the particular game. Continue reading


Online Gaming And More

online-gamingThere are a number of games out there today that you can play. Many people like to play these mini-games as a means of passing the time. When looking for online games, make sure to choose one that interests you. There are a lot of interesting ones out there now. Some of these will be free of charge, but you may have to pay for others. As a result, make sure to do a bit of searching before you find the right one. Continue reading


Treasure City Unveiled by OOBLADA

screen_3Treasure City : The Successor Game

France online game publisher OOBLADA, previously referred to as zslide, offers folded away Treasure City Online game, the heir for their extremely prosperous Treasure Madness Game, that pioneered the actual style last year but still offers 300.000 + month-to-month energetic customers. Treasure City is made on a single formula: cherish searching as well as mini-games. Continue reading


Runes of Magic Present in Web Browser and Will Finish Soon

project_rom02-1Runes of Magic to be more joining players

Successful fantasy RPG game, Runes of Magic can be played in the browser and”Facebook” start Q2/2011. Runes of Magic open beta is now in a period up to January 9, 2012To register, ”Kalydo” using the system function ”single operation function social network” that is easy to use, which makes any Facebook user can directly play without having any other registration procedures. Continue reading


Truck Monster

logoTruck Loader is an addictive puzzle game in which your objective will be to control a small robot whose mission is to carry the boxes from the site where they are stored until the truck that will transport them to their destination. Although the idea is simple, get the task successfully overcome a matter of skill and good work and sometimes need to try more than one method to reach the final address. Continue reading